Rob Domanko HSBC Head of Institutional Equity Derivative Sales Announcement

posted on 05 Jun 2015 02:26 by cantrellbsijgkqzop

Rob Domanko is the HSBC Head of Institutional Equity Derivative Sales. Robert Domanko is a adviser employed by HSBC Securities in New York City, New York with more than 13 years of expertise as a financial expert. Rob Domanko is licensed as a Broker-Dealer Registered Representative (RR) and is certified to buy and sell securities on a client's behalf.

Robert Domanko blends industry knowledge and intelligence along with corporate finance knowledge to develop capital raising recommendations and answers for his clientele. Robert Domanko HSBC originates, structures and carries out equity and equity-linked new issues along the lines of initial public offerings (IPOs), secondary placements, rights issues, convertible bonds, exchangeable bonds and certain types of pre-IPO financing. As HSBC's global equity product specialist, Robert Domanko works closely with the global banking, equity research, and equity sales/trading teams. Robert Domanko's knowledge encompasses a wide range of transactions from large equity follow-on offerings through to smaller IPOs. HSBC's strong balance sheet offers solid underwriting support and it has proven outstanding rights issue and event-financing capability.